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Inherit fortune

| 2 minutes read

A couple of months ago my father stayed in the hospital around 3 weeks, as in most places in the world, healthcare is very expensive, so he has social insurance which gives you medical care but it comes with a price. Hospitals are packed, few places to sit, little information and I don’t even want to talk about the restrooms.

You’ll see the mid to low income population in those places. In those weeks I was worried of course, frustrated and angry. Those moments when you hate not being rich. My dad wouldn’t need to take such bad conditions, in a private hospital with his own doctor, room lobby, couch to stay the night with him (instead of the floor), etc.

One day I was pretty angry about how long it took me to enter the place as they didn’t allow people with laptops, I make up a good excuse to let me in. I started to calm myself down walking to the elevator, just before the doors closed, a woman entered. Nothing in particular caught my attention, till it started to move… She quickly move back, extending her arms and gluing her back to the walls as it was about to crash down. I was obviously confused, did she knows something I don’t? once it reached the floor she nervously said that It was her first time in an elevator.

I couldn’t believe it, even that many travel from villages to the city for medical care, you just assume everyone had those everyday experiences. It sure make me consider my previous complaints. We are born in a bubble and on the course of our life we often try to pop the bubble and enter to another one. But we just looking up, yeah sure sometimes we see some news of people dealing with things we can’t imagine and after seeing a couple of documentaries we think we know but we really don’t.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim to top, I do it too, but we should be more grateful. Why wait to be happy till you have everything in your wishlist, when you can be happy now.

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