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Best resource to learn UI / UX

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The best resource is understanding English.

Design is a discipline in constant evolution, the foundations and fundamentals will always be important but the implementation, channels, trends, and people change. So you have to be in constant movement and learning.

When you add that the design is aimed at the web or digital products, the speed of how things change increases exponentially. The source of most changes comes from the United States, thanks to its large market, its startups and global popularity, which is why the importance of English.

If you can read English there are many interesting books on the subject but I recommend starting with e-books that are friendly for beginners like the ones from UXPin (free) and A Book Apart, books with very specific topics are very clear and digestible. Check the authors and the interviewees in the books, look them up on the web and follow them on social networks since they share the most recent information about the area.

Blogs are also another great for this, A List Apart is one of the best but it can be something advanced if you’re just starting, like Smashing Magazine. Recently InVision launched the site Design Better where they introduce the best practices, stories, and ideas of world design leaders.

Medium It is also an excellent place to learn and stay updated by following categories such as design, UI / UX, digital products, web, etc. And likewise, following authors who talk about the topic helps you find more related articles.

Another very good place to start would be reading the web book Resilient Web Design bye Jeremy Keith, a recent book that is really fascinating as it talks about the history of the web, the beginnings, the problems of the first people trying to create and design websites, all technological evolutions that caused new trends, etc.

And finally, if you understand speaking English then Podcasts can be your best friend. Years ago I hated how much time I lost on commute on my way to the office, gym, etc. Now I’m even excited that I’ll be able to listen to several pending episodes. Even in traffic, you can be productive and without taking the risk of watching your cell phone. In no particular order these are currently my favorite podcast on design:

The content and information are very accessible, this is a very new area, in fact, the web and digital products are relatively new. I doubt that there is any curriculum out there that keeps up with the advancement of technologies and practices. Take advantage that unlike other careers, it is practically free to learn digital design. You just have to dedicate the years and keep building experience.

As the saying goes, “He who seeks finds” now go and enjoy that we’re living in the best time for learning addicts.

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