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On my birthday 5 years and 6 months ago on September 9, 2012, I wrote this:

Hi there, well after so many years being part of the web passive community, today in my birthday I finally decided to make the change and start sharing the little I know and the many questions I ask myself constantly. Maybe I’m starting a bit late but I think I’ll take positive things from this instead of not doing it, besides I’m a little tired of being one more behind the monitor, of not having my own voice on the web and staying in my area of comfort in a relatively comfortable and stable job. I’m looking to start being more active and in one way or another to help the web community either with solutions or with questions that many do not make them and solve them together.

My name is Ramiro Ruiz, I am a graphic designer, I love doing bread, pizzas and martial arts where I have been practicing them for more than 9 years. I am currently preparing for the Pan-American Wushu tournament where I will participate in sanda (full contact combat) So this is all for the moment and I’ll start soon with the content of this site that I hope will be useful. Today, ashamed of having failed me for so long. I return.

It is amazing the number of things we start and abandon, most of the time we bring excuses like time, money, commitments, etc. When you work on something without a clear deadline, it is a great challenge to finish it.

Not long ago you wouldn’t hear the word _ procrastination_ very often, and although evidently, a lot of people always left things for “another day”, it wasn’t as common like these times. Today, thanks to technology, it is much easier to start or create something and just as easy to abandon them. How many unfinished books do you have?

The main reason for not finishing our work is fear and doubts, in my case, more than 5 years ago I tried to start a blog. But actually, I wanted to start it 3 years ago in 2009, back when blogs were still a thing and vlogs on YouTube were not so popular. But hesitation stopped me, but that day I found enough courage to wrote and publish that, my first post:

I’m a little tired of being one more behind the monitor, of not having my own voice on the web.

The feeling is still there, now more fed up and more afraid than last time. The same reasons that prevented me from writing are still there, the fear of not being good enough, of criticism, of being pointed at. And here I am, showing my learning process. I have no writing experience and English is not my first language, I could continue to stay on the sidelines, reading books or taking courses to be a good writer, waiting for when I consider I’m ready, for that perfect moment … that will never come. I’m tired of doing it in other areas of my life.

The idea of ​​writing is to share what I know, what I do not know and what I am learning. It is clear that the fastest way to improve something is doing it, and here I am. Publishing at least once a week the topics that interest me most, usually vary between design, technology, web, entrepreneurship and martial arts.

I will not wait for the most interesting situation to happen or write the perfect article, this is my little space on the web where I will be writing, practicing and sharing content that I hope it will be useful or interesting.

Welcome, mi casa es su casa.

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