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Last week, after almost 2 years without fighting. Past months full of problems, life-changing events, inactivity and a long recovery from an injury; I entered the cage again.

While I got to focus more on my design career and I even thought for a moment that it may be time to hang the gloves. As time pass I didn’t feel like myself and wasn’t happy with this version of me, I realize that a daily training regime and most importantly… High-level challenges. Make me a better person.

After 15 years, training and competing has become natural to me, I’ve been having a hard time trying to label myself. I always have troubles answering a regular and often question like “What do you do?”

Sometimes my response changes depending on the asker or the situation, when I was starting I would say I’m a graphic designer, that changed to web designer and fighter on the side, then to pro fighter and design on the side, later all the recent UI/UX, IX, Product designer craziness. Most of the times I kept the fighting thing to myself.

Most people advise to choose one thing ride with that label but I just can’t, I know sooner than later I will have to in a way, as you don’t see many middle-aged fighters and I’m sure it will be hard but that’s why I’m trying to enjoy my body as much I can.

The call arrived at a perfect moment, I was in Florida helping my friend and UFC fighter Jessica Aguilar for her upcoming fight. So I was having great workouts 2 to 3 times a day while working remotely. If you’re organized enough you can still have a full-time job. I’m not saying is easy but it is doable.

After I accept the fight had another 2 weeks there, went back to Monterrey for 2 weeks of training there and my last week to Houston with my second family 4oz. Fight Club. I felt ready to go again.

I’m not gonna lie, I end up feeling way more nervous than I used to. I kinda get worried about that ring rust everyone talks about. My conditioning too as it wasn’t long since I started training again after my longest inactivity period.

But the fight was for LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance), the best MMA organization not named UFC or Bellator. So I knew it was an amazing opportunity that I had to make the most of.

An hour before the event started, I went to feel the cage, step in there and visualize the fight. That’s when everything came back, by walking around to get a sense of the dimensions, the texture of the mat in my feet, the sound the grid makes when I push my back against it, the lights on top of me. It just felted good, that I belong here.

When it was time, I made the walk without any doubts in my mind. I was excited and happy to be there, being part of this with a great challenge in front of me.

I won, it went to a decision. First 2 rounds were mine then I guess that inactivity hit me as I got really tired but also credit to my opponent who pushed the pace and went there trying to get that finish which I’m thankful for, it was a great test.

There are many things I could mention, like the 10-hour drive my wife made to arrive at the venue an 1 hour before my fight, true ❤️ that gave me an extra push when I was having some problems in the last round.

As for the future, I will continue to test myself. I’m not going to choose one career for another, I ’m a better person when I do both. I’m happier and that results in better work, code, designs, solutions, workouts, fights.

I know I’m not alone so hello to all the ones that can’t only choose one thing and are trying to make it without giving out their multiple passions. And for anyone who’s been thinking about it and hesitating… Just try it please, don’t focus on the results but on your happiness.

My corner and I after the victory